Introduction :

La cryptomonnaie est une révolution pour notre système monétaire.

Nous traversons et vivons en ce moment la révolution de notre siècle et celle-ci fait sens dans un monde contrôlé par ceux qui créent la monnaie, une monnaie qui n’a plus de réelle valeur, qui contrôle les peuple


On Friday 20 August 2021, the Sensei project was launched for pre-sale on the DxSale platform. The success was imminent, with a target having been reached at more than 98% on the presale. We are now facing a revolutionary cryptocurrency, 100% oriented towards learning and sharing reliable and verified knowledge


Introduction :

Cryptocurrency is a revolution for our monetary system.

We are currently going through and living the revolution of our century and this one makes sense in a world controlled by those who create money, a money that no longer has any real value, that controls the people


Access a new reality from the SENSEI TEMPLE. A gamified matchmaking platform for learning and exchanging knowledge.

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