Introduction :

Cryptocurrency is a revolution for our monetary system.

We are currently going through and living the revolution of our century and this one makes sense in a world controlled by those who create money, a money that no longer has any real value, that controls the people and loses value over time.

We need to be aware of this because we need to understand what is at stake in the background in order to continue this monetary revolution together and see it through to the end for our freedom.

A fascinating movement. The shits coin exceed billions of Market cap as we have seen with the Doge, the Safemoon… And all this makes sense if we understand the stakes of this revolution.

It’s all about trust, it’s all about belief. We think that’s wonderful. If we all decide together that our global currency should be the Doge, then the Doge can become our currency. We could go into more detail but let’s try to understand the movement as a whole.

An economic context :

On August 15, 1971, the end of the convertibility of the dollar into gold was announced, leading to an inevitable financial crisis ahead.

On 31 October 2008, following the subprime crisis, Bitcoin was born. The beginning of a revolution, the blockchain. A desire for sovereignty of the people, by the people, for the people with transparency as its value.

The traditional financial system that we trust is currently out of breath. An endless debt mechanism, harmful private interests and a people in debt with no real control over their money.

This is a worrying time for most of us. We are experiencing continuous inflation, due to a fictitious balance created by the banks, leading to a fragile and dangerous economic fabric.

If we are to encounter a collapse of the economic system, many of us could have our hard-earned capital taken away. Let us not trust blindly.

Far be it from us to frighten you, but close to us is the idea of moving forward together towards a sustainable future that benefits the people.

Now that we have taken a step back from the general cryptocurrency movement and you have been able to understand a little better what is at stake in this movement, we are going to talk about our project, the one for which we are gathered in this channel. SenseiProtocol.

A fundamental vision:

Our goal is to bring together quality knowledge and verification from all over the world in one platform, the Sensei Temple. The platform will aim to connect coaches (Sensei) and students (Sempai) allowing our Token to become the reference Token in the knowledge economy.

Our mission:

To revolutionize the knowledge economy by connecting a maximum of people and values in a space dedicated to mutual aid and knowledge exchange in all fields that can be transmitted and taught by a Sensei.

The objective is to transform the knowledge economy by gamifying learning within a virtuous and transparent ecosystem thanks to the Blockchain. Between students and coaches from all over the world.

All these people, gathered in one place, on the same intuitive and efficient platform to facilitate the life of the coaches and to offer access to quality and verified learning, for any person in the world wishing to improve in the field of their choice.

Sensei Tokenomics:

Slippage Fee :

Our Token benefits from all the advantages of “Shitcoin”:

  • 4% of total transactions are redistributed to all SENSEI Token Holders.
  • 2% of the total transactions are burnt forever to rarefy the Token and increase its value over time.
  • 2% of the total transactions are added in liquidity to support the SENSEI Token liquidity pool.
  • 1% of the total transactions are put back into a SenseiTreasury Wallet which will in the near future help organisations around the world to improve the world by prioritising Education.
  • 1% of the total transactions will be used to develop the project, website, application, moderators etc.

The distribution of the total supply is as follows:

  • 12% of the total supply is allocated to a marketing budget to share and communicate the project on a large scale through all kinds of marketing actions. Example: Create an Airdrop aimed at the future great coaches of the sensei project by selecting coaching categories, E-commerce / Crypto / Personal Development / Food / Sport / Music / Trading / Real Estate / Taxation… And contact the best coaches in these fields in order to bring them into the network and take advantage of their contacts and notoriety to propagate the project and take a leading position in the knowledge market.
  • 10% of the total supply is allocated to the current and future Advisors of the project, helping the internal and technical functioning of Token Sensei.
  • 10% of the total supply is allocated to the current and future Founders of the project.
  • 3% of the total supply is allocated to the development of the Sensei Protocol Project. (Application, Platform, Website…)
  • 13% of the total Supply is burnt to the Presale.
  • 52% of the total supply is allocated to the Sensei Token Holders.

As stated above our Token has all the advantages of Shitcoin. A huge Supply, rewarded Holders, Burn and therefore deflation but our project is much more than that, we want to transform the knowledge economy by allowing everyone to access verified knowledge in line with the evolution of our society unlike traditional institutions.

The Sensei Temple platform:

Some benefits for students:

  • Get a verified mentor to guide you
  • Find people who are like you
  • Create a dream entourage and move forward together
  • Become rich in knowledge
  • Don’t get cheated again with a trusted catalogue

Some benefits for coaches:

  • Get the visibility & recognition you deserve
  • Save time with teachable students
  • Generate extra income
  • Create a tailor-made network of contacts
  • Benefit from an intuitive and ergonomic platform to develop your business and organize yourself easily

If you would like to know more about the details of each of the above points, we invite you to consult the Sensei Protocol Black Paper.

We answer a real demand in a world where knowledge is the key and where many people try to deceive those who would like to advance with a real will but are tired of being fooled at each coaching.

Our Token has a purpose and will allow millions of people to learn and exchange knowledge around the world.

Coming soon:

Once the Presale is over, we will work mainly on the development of the Sensei Temple platform in order to offer the best experience to our future users.

  • 70% of the total funds raised at the Presale will be injected in liquidity to allow everyone to buy and sell Sensei Token (This liquidity is blocked for a minimum of 5 years to reassure the community, this information is verifiable on the Dx sale platform where the Presale will be done).
  • 30% of the total funds raised at the Presale will be used to develop the Sensei Temple platform.

In parallel, we will continue to communicate through our different communication channels (Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit) to continue to grow our community and we will put in place all sorts of marketing actions to bring the project to the ears of as many people as possible.

In addition, surveys will be conducted to create a database for our future users, coaches and/or students of the Sensei Temple platform in order to collect users to be ready on the day of the platform’s deployment.

We will also continue to build a multitude of partnerships with actors who share our vision.

Some key points we will address after the Presale:

  • Social Networks / Communication
  • Telegram Group and Channel / Communication
  • Website V2
  • Black Paper V3
  • Pre-sales of TOKEN (in progress)
  • Marketing campaigns (in progress)
  • Mobile Friendly Website (in progress)
  • BSC Scan MC & Logo Updates (ongoing)
  • Certik Audit
  • Development of the SenseiTemple
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • BlockFolio Listing
  • Listing Exchange Agency
  • Launch of the SenseiTemple platform
  • Binance Listing

One community :

Now that we have been clear about our vision, the scope of the project, the distribution of the Supply and the use of the 10% Slippage fee we would like to address you more directly.

We are what we believe, our beliefs define our thoughts and our actions define the world around us. Our project makes sense and brings real value to the world we inhabit.

On behalf of the Sensei Collective we would like to ask you to believe in US, in ALL OF US, to show you our transparency and to prove the benevolence of our intentions concerning this project.

It is a real vision that drives us and a burning desire to change the world by offering access to the same level of knowledge for all.

This adventure must be lived together and everyone can propose ideas. We remain the guardians of the final vision but everyone can share these ideas as long as they are well thought out and aim to help the project as a whole.

If you have specific questions about the technical aspect of the Token, we invite you to ask us in a clear way so that we can answer them as soon as possible to prove our transparency and to advance the project’s FAQ for the good of the community.


Together we can take this project where we want it to go if everyone does their bit but be sure of one thing, we will take this project as far as it can go.

Thank you for being in the channel, I hope this message has been able to enlighten your vision and that you are starting to feel at home in Sensei Protocol. This is the project for all of us.

The best of knowledge condensed into one platform. A revolution for the world of knowledge.


Access a new reality from the SENSEI TEMPLE. A gamified matchmaking platform for learning and exchanging knowledge.